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Three ASU Students Shot at a Party - Criminal Defense - Mesa, AZ


Three ASU students were shot at a party Friday night and police are still searching for the suspect. The violence occurred at an apartment just off of University and McClintock in Tempe. It has been reported that one victim suffers from life-threatening injuries and the other two were less severe. Witnesses say that a fight broke out at the party and that the suspect began shooting. Authorities have over 100 witnesses to question about the incident and the suspect could be face attempted murder charges.

If a person intentionally engages in conduct or engages in conduct or omits to do anything that would lead to murder, that person can be charged with Attempted Murder. In addition, if a person engages in any conduct intended to aid another in committing murder, they can also be charged with Attempted Murder. The way your actions and intentions are interpreted can carry serious weight in a violent situation that results in death. It is important to contact an AZ Criminal Defense Attorney who can protect your rights.

If you or somebody you know is entangled in accusations or attempted murder charges, Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to help you. Charlie Naegle is a skilled and experienced defender and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for your case. Call 480-245-5550 to schedule a free consultation.

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