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The difference between Robbery and Theft in Arizona


What is the difference between Robbery and Theft in Arizona?

Theft is taking control of another person’s property and/or deprives them of such property. It can also occur when a person knowingly takes control or use of services, assets or property without authorization.

Robbery is different from theft because, in addition to theft, the crime includes an aspect of threat or force. People often think of the term “armed robbery,” which is theft with threat or force with the aid of dangerous weapon.

Assault is another charge that can be confused when discussing robbery-related crimes. Assault is a violent crime involving intent to injure, provoke or insult and intentionally harming another person. Assault charges can be filed in addition to Robbery charges if there is violence or injury involved.

What are possible consequences of theft or robbery in Arizona?

Theft can be classified from a misdemeanor clear up to a class 2 felony, depending on the value of items or services stolen. Punishment can range from probation to over 30 years of incarceration.

Robbery charges are more serious and are typically met with harsher punishment.

It is extremely important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight the charges against you and will protect your rights.

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