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What should you do if you are being investigated or have been stopped for DUI? Here are 7 steps to keep in mind:

  1. You have the right to remain silent – you do not have to answer any questions you are not comfortable answering.
  2. Provide requested documentation, including driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.
  3. You are allowed to refuse any eye or physical tests. You should refuse if you are concerned or uncomfortable doing these tests.
  4. Request to make a confidential phone call to an attorney. Contact The Naegle Law Firm at 480-245-5550.
  5. Submit to a blood/breath test after a confidential phone call with an attorney.
  6. Request that the police preserve a blood/breath test for independent testing.
  7. Ask to be released immediately for independent testing.

A few highlights…

Your Right to Remain Silent

Arizona DUI Law does NOT require you to answer any questions or offer any admissions or explanations. If stopped by a police officer, comply with their request to see your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, but do not proceed to answer numerous questions or try to “talk your way out of” anything. Remember – anything you say can be used against you in court. The right to remain silent is your constitutional right and was established to protect citizens from testifying against themselves.

Your Right to an Attorney

If you are pulled over or stopped by police, you have the right to request a confidential phone call with an attorney. Arizona DUI Law protects your right to consult an attorney before submitting to any breath or blood tests as long as it does not unnecessarily delay the investigation. Attorneys at Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys are available 24/7 for emergency consultations. Call 480-245-5550 if you are stopped and they will give you the urgent legal advice that you need.

Your Right to Refuse Certain Physical Tests

Police may ask you to complete a variety of physical “field sobriety tests” or eye tests. These tests are often inaccurate and are NOT required under Arizona DUI Law. Know your rights and protect yourself.

Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to help you if you find yourself under investigation or stopped by a police officer in Arizona. It is important that you know your rights and that the choices you make are in your best interest. The best choice you can make in these situations is to contact Charlie Naegle at 480-245-5550.

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