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Criminal Littering and Polluting in Arizona Criminal


Litter bugs take note! ARS 12-1603 states that it is possible for you to be accused of criminal littering or polluting in the state of Arizona if, without lawful authority you unlawfully:

  • Throw, place, drop or permit the dropping of, on public property or property belonging to another person, any destructive or injurious material of which you do not immediately remove;
  • Release or permit the release of any sewage, oil products or other harmful substances into the water or shorelines within the state; or
  • Dump earth, soil, stones, ores or minerals on any land/area.

The possible punishments for criminal littering and/or polluting in the state of Arizona can be charged as follows:

  • Class 6 felony – if a knowing violation occurred in which the amount of litter or prohibited material/substance exceeds 300lbs in weight or one hundred cubic feet in volume or is done in any quantity for a commercial purpose;
  • Class 1 misdemeanor – if the act of littering or polluting involves any destructive or injurious material on or within 50ft of a highway, beach, shoreline or other public body of water.

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