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Man Caught Stealing Natural Gas From Neighbor's House. Suspicion of Endangerment and Theft - Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ


Man Caught Stealing Natural Gas From Neighbor’s House, Suspicion of Endangerment and Theft –Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” but how far any of us will go with those desperate measures depends on each individual. According to a report from, a Scottsdale man was arrested on suspicion of endangerment and theft after taking natural gas from a neighbor’s house Saturday.

The man is accused of splicing a gas meter after his gas had been shut off in his home. A neighbor found a misplaced hose leading from the neighbor’s gas utility pipe to the suspect’s garage.

The gas company was called and they discovered the splice as well as a gas leak that was in danger of exploding. Scottsdale fire and police evacuated the suspect’s home as well as six neighboring homes.

The accused man faces multiple counts of endangerment and theft as well as charges associated with utility services. Learn what sentences he may be facing as well as what he can expect from a criminal court proceeding by visiting our website.

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