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iPhone App Aims to Reduce Drunk Driving


iPhone App Aims to Reduce Drunk Driving

In our technological driven society we rely on different types of technology to make our lives easier, create short cuts, or even solve our problems. Technology is everywhere and the possibilities of it are endless. Just like the saying says, “There’s an App for that.” Well now there is an app that aims to reduce drunk driving.

Intoxicheck gives people a reality check about how buzzed they are and it’s purpose is to have drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel. The new iPhone app is research based and works by comparing results from a series of challenges users take while sober to results they get after drinking. Intoxicheck results may prove valuable in helping users make better choices, and avoid drinking and driving, based on real impairment level.

“By taking a series of reaction, judgment and memory challenges before drinking, you establish a baseline of sober performance that you can compare to your performance on those same challenges after drinking. In field tests of intoxicheck under controlled conditions, the new iPhone app provided a reasonably accurate assessment of a person’s impairment level,” said creator of the app.

As smart of an idea this is, it is not a guarantee. It is important to know the laws and drinking and driving and what to do if convicted of it.

Charlie Naegle is a Mesa DUI lawyer who knows and understands DUI law in Arizona. If you’re facing DUI charges in Mesa Arizona, it is still possible to escape punishment or have the charges significantly reduced through the help of a capable Criminal Defense Attorney.

There are a number of different possible charges one can be convicted of if drinking and driving.

-1st Time DUI

-2nd Time DUI

-Aggravated DUI


-Extreme DUI

-Multiple Offenses

-MVD Hearing


-Super Extreme DUI

-Underage DUI

The legal limit for Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC in Arizona to operate a motor vehicle is .08%. Make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer who is competent in handling DUI cases to ensure you are receiving the best possible defense for the charges against you.

With a DUI attorney on your side it takes only 2-3 months you to get you back to the life you were living prior to your arrest. A DUI attorney will also help you walk away with a much more favorable outcome than you can expect to receive defending yourself. Contact the Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys now for your free, anytime, anywhere consultation. When you hire the Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will only work with experienced criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle. You’re more than a number to us and we’ll make sure you walk away knowing that.

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