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Summer DUI Convictions - Mesa DUI Attorney


Even though it is HOT in Arizona in the summer, people still like to get out and enjoy the time with friends and family. But be aware. Holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, put police officers on high alert for DUIs. Officers and DUI task forces are well aware that people are traveling and vacationing more during the summer. This leads to an increase in patrols around and just outside of town.

Arizona DUI charges are very serious and come with heavy consequences. Your time, money and reputation are at stake. With an Arizona DUI conviction, your public driving record will be marked for an extended period of time (up to ten years for non-commercial drivers and even longer for drivers with commercial privileges). Your employment can be affected as well since you may be obligated to tell your current or future employer about your DUI conviction. A DUI conviction can mean an exorbitant fine as well. Learn more about 1st time DUI consequences.

If you were (or are) convicted of a DUI in Arizona at any time during the summer, you shouldn’t give in to these legal consequences without a fight. A Mesa DUI attorney can help you protect your future and alleviate your stress. With DUI convictions, the sooner you retain legal representation the better. Details about your case and important evidence can often be lost as time progresses.

Act now! Call 480-378-9000 to schedule your FREE, confidential consultation with Mesa DUI attorney Charlie Naegle. When you hire the Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, you work directly with Charlie Naegle and are treated like a client, not a number as you would be at larger, more expensive Mesa Criminal Defense law firms.

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