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What a Juvenile Defense Attorney Does in a Juvenile Criminal Case?


A 17-year-old Chandler boy was arrested last week and booked on two charges of burglary. The first burglary occurred on Oct. 25, 2011 and the boy was believed to have been seen leaving the scene of the crime on foot. The second burglary happened on Dec. 5, 2011, about 100 yards from where the juvenile was staying at the time. Police say that in addition to having multiple previous offenses and a known gang connection, the boy is a flight risk and dangerous to the community.

It is in cases like this that an Arizona juvenile attorney is needed to represent this juvenile and case in court. This boy is under 18, has a number of serious offenses linked to him, and has a track record of criminal behavior. Like their adult counterparts, juveniles need a qualified criminal defense attorney to closely examine their case and give them strategic advice on moving forward. When the juvenile is not a first time offender or when he or she is accessed of a serious crime, the first priority of the criminal defense attorney should be to keep the case in the Arizona juvenile justice system. Once a juvenile’s case is heard in adult court, they are usually in that system for the remainder of their lives.

Most judges and prosecutors support the idea that juveniles deserve a chance at rehabilitation and will work with juveniles and their families so the defendant is able to learn from their mistakes and live a full, productive life. Criminal defense attorneys working with first time offenders and their families should work for a minimum sentence, deferred prosecution, or a chance at rehabilitation through things like community service.

Arizona juvenile defense attorney, Charlie Naegle will work to see that your child gets back on track and will negotiate and fight for the best possible outcome for your child’s future. If you are looking for an experienced juvenile attorney mesa az to represent you or your child who is facing criminal charges, contact The Naegle Law Firm today. 480-245-5550


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