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Burglary vs. Robbery - What is the Difference?


Although the terms “burglary” and “robbery” are used interchangeably the two offenses are entirely different under Arizona criminal law.

Burglary is generally defined as the unlawful entry onto someone else’s property with the intent to commit a theft or felony therein, whereas robbery is generally defined as using force or intimidation to facilitate the taking of property from another person. In most cases when someone is accused of breaking into a house that does not belong to them and committing a theft inside, charges of burglary in the second degree are usually filed. If the person is armed during the commission of a burglary, the offense could be charged asburglary in the first degree, which is a very serious offense under Arizona law.

The severity ofrobbery charges can likewise be affected by the facts surrounding the case including whether the alleged robber possessed a weapon (either real or simulated) or whether the individual was in the company of one or more accomplices when the robbery was committed. Whether the underlying offense is a burglary or a robbery, the use of a gun or other weapon during the commission of the offense may permit the prosecutor to charge the crime as a dangerous offense. Dangerous offenses are very serious under Arizona law and require mandatory prison time upon a conviction even for a first offense.

Both robbery and burglary are considered serious crimes in Arizona and we want to help you! Call 480-245-5550 to schedule your free anytime, anywhere consultation with Mesarobbery attorney and Mesa burglary defense attorney Charlie Naegle.

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