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How would you define vandalism under Arizona law? - Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ


In Arizona, vandalism charges are classified as criminal damage. The same classification applies to damage caused during traffic accidents or burglaries. It is defined as the willful and malicious destruction or public or private property.

Examples ofvandalism include:

  • Graffiti
  • Breaking windows
  • Damaging road signs
  • Slashing or puncturing tires
  • Defacing edifices
  • Underage possession of aerosol paint containers
  • Bashing or blowing up mailboxes
  • Throwing eggs
  • Keying cars

Although some of these may seem like pranks, if you are charged with vandalism in Arizona you are held fully accountable for the destruction your actions caused.

Criminal damage charges like vandalism can be felonies or misdeameanors depending on what property was damaged and the extent of these damages. If the destruction took place at a school, church or cemetery, the crime is automatically a felony. Otherwise, the crime’s severity will be based on how much it costs to repair the damage. If the repair costs over $400, the crime will be classified as a felony.

There are numerous defense strategies that can be used in criminal cases involving vandalism charges in Arizona. At minimum, those facing criminal charges in court or juvenile court should consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ and an Arizona vandalism defense attorney regarding their options.

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