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Home Invasion Crimes in Arizona - Criminal Defense Lawyer AZ


A person commits a home invasion crime when, without authority, he or she knowingly enters a home of another, when he or she knows or has reason to know that the home is occupied, and intentionally causes a crime within the dwelling. Simply threatening to use force against an occupant of the invaded home may also be sufficient to trigger thehome invasion charge. While only a small number of states (Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts) currently have specific Home Invasion statutes, most other states punish home invasions through their robbery statutes. Robberies that are committed when the occupants are present are considered home invasions, and are usually punished more severely. Use of a weapon in the course of a home invasion will draw the most severe criminal penalties.

When and how home invasions are charged varies from state to state. Therefore, your attorney should be familiar with the law in the state where you are charged. If you have been charged with robbery in Arizona or are under investigation, contact us today. We can help you understand all the steps you will need to take throughout the process and will provide the defense necessary to prove your innocence. With early preparation and significant investigation, we can help to reduce or eliminate your charges.

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