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It's No Longer Illegal to Abuse a Spouse in Topeka, Kansas. When Do You Need an AZ Domestic Violence Lawyer?


It’s no longer illegal to abuse your spouse if you’re in Topeka, Kansas. The Topeka City Council voted on Oct. 12th to repeal the city’s misdemeanor domestic battery law, mostly due to concerns and issues with the city budget. Felony domestic abuse cases continue to be prosecuted. What about here in Arizona? What are the domestic violence laws in AZ? When do you need a AZ domestic violence lawyer?

Arizona’s domestic violence laws (Arizona Revised Statute 13–3601) apply not only to crimes against spouses, but also against partners, former partners, those living together, people who are dating, family members, relatives and the elderly. Physical assault, such as hitting, does NOT need to occur for domestic violence charges to be filed.

In Arizona, many actions can be designated domestic violence including:

  • Intentionally or recklessly causing injury or touching with intent to cause injury. (Physical Violence/Assault)
  • Disturbing the peace of your neighborhood or disturbing the peace of a person. (Disorderly conduct)
  • Damaging something that has any value. (Criminal Damage)
  • Violating a restraining order or order of protection. (Violating protective orders)
  • Name calling, put downs, threats, intimidation, isolation. (Verbal, mental and emotional abuse)
  • Financial control. (Economic abuse)

Domestic violence cases in Arizona can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the crime. Consequences for a conviction are never standard and the court will take many things into consideration when sentencing. Because of this it is important not to take domestic violence charges on alone. Charlie Naegle will bring to light the facts of your case and the facts and evidence involved and will strengthen your position in the process.

Check out our page on domestic violence charges for more information about how we handle these types of criminal defense cases in Arizona. As always, call 480-685-1122 or fill out the consultation form below for your free consultation with Charlie Naegle. Charlie Naegle is a AZ criminal defense attorney.

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