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Arizona DUI Enforcement during the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"


With Halloween over, the 2011 holiday season is officially in underway. With these holidays comes a big step-up in Arizona DUI enforcement. This means more DUI charges, fines, and convictions. It’s true that people tend to drink more this time of year and it’s law enforcement’s responsibility to make sure the roads are safe. And the people running the Arizona DUI enforcement don’t just go off the basis that they think people are drinking and driving more during this time of year. The numbers below are proof.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve of 2004, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 3,511 total traffic fatalities nationally. 37% of those fatalities (approximately 1,316) were alcohol-related. Thanksgiving was first with 179 alcohol-related fatalities, Christmas second with 147 and New Year’s Eve third with 42.

The best way to avoid getting a DUI in Arizona is to ride with a designated driver. If you think you are drunk, you probably are, and riding with a designated driver is really the only way to fully AVOID being arrested completely and endangering the lives of others on the road.

Whatever your stance on this issue, the law is the law, and everyone does have rights prior to and after a DUI arrest. If you have been charged with a DUI, it is extremely important that you contact Arizona DUI attorney Charlie Naegle. He is an aggressive Arizona DUI attorney who will fight for you. There many defense strategies anArizona DUI attorney like Charlie Naegle can use to prove your innocence or to gain a significant reduction of the DUI charges. These DUI defense strategies include lack of evidence, faulty testing, and witness credibility. Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys has the experience and knowledge needed to investigate your case from all angles and fight using these strategies and tactics.

For more onArizona DUI law, visit our Arizona DUI law webpage. If you have any questions about Arizona DUI law or a recent DUI arrest in Arizona, call us know for your free anytime, anywhere consultation. We’re available to you when you need us most.

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