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Drug Defense Attorney Mesa AZ - Drug Transportation Crimes


Border Patrol in Southern Arizona reported this week that they seized nearly 520 tons of marijuana in 2011. So what happens during a drug transportation case? The transportation of illegal substances is a serious offense wherever you may be. In the state of Arizona, there are very serious penalties that are associated with drug crimes because of our close proximity to an international border. If you are charged with transporting drugs, one of the main focuses that the prosecuting attorney will attempt to prove is that the drugs in question were being transported with intent to sell. Evidence that can be used against an individual being accused of transporting drugs for sale include:

  • Quantity of substance
  • Way substances were packaged
  • Presence of scales or other paraphernalia
  • Presence of ledgers
  • Other relevant evidence

Convictions involving the transportation and sale of illegal drugs carry very severe penalties and have lasting effects. If you are being accused of a crime that involves the illegal transportation of drugs, contact Mesa AZ Drug Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle for an immediate, free consultation. Call 480-245-5550 or fill out the consultation request form below to schedule this immediate consultation.

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