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In regards to illegally selling controlled substances and illicit drugs, Arizona considers both the final product – the drug itself – and the individual compounds or chemicals used to create the drugs. To expedite its charge and prosecution process, it has made seven categories when consider drug sales:

“Dangerous drugs”



Prescription drugs

Toxic-vapor emitters


Chemicals used specifically for drug manufacturing

If you have been accused of selling drugs in Arizona, your first step in defending yourself is understanding your charges and what the prosecution claims you were selling. The second step is retaining a professional criminal defense attorney. At Naegle & Crider, our Mesa drug crimes attorneys can step up to the prosecution and challenge them at every turn, all on your behalf. Contact us now to learn more about our legal services and advocacy.

Factors that Are Weighed in Your Charges

Drug crimes in Arizona are splintered into different tiers of severity, making it unreasonably difficult for the accused to understand their own charges. One of the only common factors in drug charges across the state’s legislation is that each charge will inevitably be considered a felony. This may be due to the fact that Arizona shares a border with Mexico, and local and federal law enforcement are eager to shut down drug trafficking in whatever way they can. By legal definition, a felony will include at least one year in prison for sentencing but your conviction could vary greatly, depending on numerous circumstances.

Factors that can change your drug sale charges include:

  • Substance: What was allegedly being sold? Certain controlled dangerous substances (CDS) will be punished more severely than others.
  • Quantity: How much was allegedly being sold? The more of a CDS found on your person or on your property at the time of your arrest, the heavier the consequences.
  • Quality: In connection to drug trafficking suspicions, the criminal justice system may penalize you further if they believe you are selling “high-quality” drugs for a cartel.
  • Location: Allegedly selling a CDS near a school zone or a place where schoolchildren are known to congregate can add one-year of jail and thousands of dollars in fines to your sentencing.
  • Frequency: If you have been convicted of selling drugs, or any other related felony convictions, your next sentencing will increase and you will be labeled as a repeat offender.

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