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Drug Transportation & Distribution Crimes


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In Arizona, the transportation and/or distribution of drugs, also known as “trafficking,” is a serious offense. Typically, the arresting officer or prosecutor will try to show that you intended to sell drugs, based on the amount of drugs allegedly in your possession, how they were packaged, and other factors.

If you have been arrested or your loved one was charged with drug transportation or distribution, contact our Mesa drug trafficking attorney for a free, confidential consultation. At Naegle Law Firm, we are prepared to put over 13 years of criminal defense experience to work for you.

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Penalties for Drug Transportation & Distribution in Arizona

Likely due to our relatively close proximity to the United States-Mexico border, drug transportation and distribution offenses are punished very harshly in Arizona. Generally speaking, the transportation of drugs for sale is charged as a class 2 felony, resulting in fines that are either three times the value of the drugs or up to $1,000, whichever is greater. If convicted, you also face jail or prison time, probation and mandatory community service, and other penalties.

The exact penalties you may be facing depend on a wide range of factors. Some examples include:

  • When the amount of drugs allegedly transported for sale is less than the “statutory threshold” and the drugs are not methamphetamine, you may only receive probation and 360 hours of community service for a first-time offense.
  • When the amount of drugs allegedly transported for sale is more than the “statutory threshold” and they are not methamphetamine, you face anywhere from 3 to 12.5 years in prison for a first offense.
  • When the drug allegedly transported for sale is methamphetamine, probation is not available, even when the amount is below the “statutory threshold.” For a first-time conviction, you face 5 to 15 years in prison.

Additionally, if you are charged with and convicted of drug transportation and distribution and you have prior felony convictions, you face even harsher penalties, including longer prison sentences ranging up to 35 years.

We Can Help You Get Back on Track

At Naegle Law Firm, we truly care about you and your future. We understand that being charged with a drug crime is a frightening experience; you likely have many questions and concerns about what will happen next. Our Mesa drug crimes attorney is here to help. Charlie Naegle has extensive experience handling all types of drug crimes cases, including those involving drug transportation and distribution. He also has solid relationships with local prosecutors and a track record of favorable results. No matter how tough or complex your case may be, we are here to fight for you.

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