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Heroin Crimes in Arizona


Our Mesa Drug Crime Attorney Handles Narcotics-Related Arrests

The state of Arizona and federal law consider heroin to be a schedule I controlled substance that does not have any approved medical benefits and is therefore strictly illegal. People found to be in possession of heroin, or those who sold or distributed heroin, will likely be charged with a felony that can destroy their future livelihood if convicted. If you are charged for a heroin crime in Arizona, Naegle Law Firm can help you create a defense strategy backed by the experience of Mesa drug crime lawyers the people trust.

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Heroin Possession Charges

The consequences of any illegal dealings with heroin will be incredibly steep. The most common of heroin crimes is possession, which is also subject to the least intense penalties. Upon conviction just for simple heroin possession, sentencing may still be severe.

Heroin possession can be considered a class 4 felony, which may be punished by:

  • 6 months to 2 years imprisonment
  • $1,000 fine or three-times the value of the possessed substance (whichever is greater)

As heroin possession is the “least” serious heroin crime, any other narcotics charges can incur greater penalties. Other forms of drug crimes include selling the substance for profit, and distributing it to others for any reason. Distribution in mass quantities or across significant distances could constitute trafficking.

Protect Your Rights & Reputation

Arizona law enforcement and prosecutions will be eager to lock you away following a heroin crime charge, as it is believed that the substance is often linked to violent crimes and drug cartels. If you want to be treated fairly in a court of law, you need to ensure that your legal representation will be ready for anything. Experience, compassion, and knowledgeability are what you can expect from our Mesa drug crime lawyer at Naegle Law Firm. When you are ready to start your case and defend yourself from the heavy hand of the law, you know who can help.

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