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What Is Fraud?


In short, fraud is the deliberate deception to gain something from someone else, usually money or property. Common types of fraud include tax evasion, identify theft, insurance fraud, or securities fraud.

What to Look Out For

Be wary when telemarketers, or any unknown caller, asks you to send money now to receive an offer, or asks for your social security number, or last known address. Generally, look out for unsolicited calls or mail asking for personal information, money, credit card numbers, or anything else that looks like a “too good to be true” type offer.

Penalties of Committing Fraud in Arizona

Criminal fraud offenses are considered felony crimes and are punishable by jail, fines, and probation. Civil penalties may include restitution and fines. The penalty will depend on the type and severity of your crime and whether it was committed by an individual or a business or corporate group. If you’ve been charged with a fraud crime, please seek out the help of an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney right away.

Get Aggressive Defense from Charlie Naegle

At Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle's goal is to make sure that your future is not negatively impacted by fraud charges. We know that there is a lot at stake - your career, your record and your freedom. Whether we are fighting on your behalf in trial or zealously pushing for the best possible plea deal, you know that we always have your best interests in mind. Call 480-378-9000 for a free consultation with Charlie today. We are here to help you get your life back on track.

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