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What is House Arrest?


What is House Arrest?

To put it simply, house arrest is a term used when you are confined to your primary residence. It’s usually an alternative to jail or prison and is seen as a more affordable alternative to traditional punishments. This is especially true for less dangerous offenses or if the defendant is a juvenile. Being under house arrest is not a way to let a person off easy - it’s designed to keep non-violent offenders from committing the crime again. House arrest also involves curfews, probation arrangements and sometimes rehabilitation treatment.

Requesting House Arrest

You can only request house arrest if you meet certain criteria. These criteria usually include if this is your first offense, if you’re a non-violent offender, if you have steady employment, or if jail time seemed too harsh a punishment for the crime, but parole too lenient. In Arizona, people are most likely granted house arrest for first-time DUI offenses. If you think house arrest might be a sentence option for the charges you are facing, call and speak with an experienced Mesa criminal defense attorney (LINK: ). A criminal defense attorney will be able to answer any and all of your questions able penalties for any Arizona crime.

House Arrest and Arizona DUI Law

Allowing those convicted of an Arizona DUI to be placed under house arrest can save the state hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. This is because the person under house arrest must shoulder the financial burden of paying a private company for the monitoring bracelet and other costs for the service. Those against using house arrest as a possible DUI penalty argue that it does not prevent the offender from drinking and driving again. The ankle bracelet knows where the person is but it doesn’t know if the person is drinking or using illegal drugs. However, offenders who are under house arrest that get caught with alcohol or drugs in their system must serve the remainder of their sentences in jail.

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