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Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Really Make a Difference?


Last October, several calls flooded into 911 emergency services as one car on I-10 swerved erratically in and out of traffic. Upon being pulled over, police found over 350 prescription pills (half of which were narcotics), marijuana, and a marijuana pipe in the vehicle. Who was behind the wheel? Notable Arizona lobbyist, Kevin DeMenna. The officers who arrested him suggested he be given one felony charge for narcotics possession, two felony charges for marijuana possession and use, and two misdemeanors for DUI – a total of five serious criminal charges.

In April of this year, nearly six months later, DeMenna pleaded guilty to just one count of first-time DUI in a plea bargain and spent just two days in jail. The rest of the charges were dropped. Drug rehabilitation therapy was not even included as a condition in the plea bargain.

How does this happen?

Hiring a Phoenix criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of a criminal case. A good defense attorney ensures the evidence being used is legitimate. A good attorney also works hard to protect your freedoms and rights as a citizen. However, there is much debate in the public sector about whether something more than a solid defense contributed to DeMenna’s reduced sentence.

Recently, a former Maricopa County attorney began investigating this case, saying he could not fathom why it took six months to process this case. He suggested that under normal circumstances where this many drugs were found, drug treatment would absolutely have been mandated.

Lando Voyles, a Pinal County attorney spoke in defense of DeMenna, saying that regardless of your political affiliation, gender, race, sexuality, or religion, you do not get a break for committing serious crimes in Pinal County, where DeMenna was charged and arrested. He also said that no case is exactly the same and that cases of a similar nature cannot be compared.

Despite the rebuttals, one thing is certain. A strong defense strategy does play in your favor. When taking on a case, an experienced criminal defense attorney will review:
• Criminal history and background
• The likelihood of recurring offenses
• The damage or harm done to others as a result of the crime
• Testimonies of those who know the defendant

When You Need A Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney, Call Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle will review all aspects of your case and the charges against you. Having a Phoenix criminal defense attorney in your corner to present the full story will help you get the best possible outcome from your case. Consultations at Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys are always free and can be held anytime, anywhere.

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