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When Divorce Turns from Good to Bad


Even though many divorces end up involving some of the same basic issues…child custody, spousal maintenance, division of property and debt…the one thing that definitely makes each one different are the people involved. Every person has their own personality, their own belief system and their own perceived view of right and wrong.

This can often lead to a shift in attitude and atmosphere of any divorce, from subtle to severe. Many couples initially enter the divorce process with the best intentions of remaining friendly and attempting to work together as much as possible. Sadly, these often end up getting negative in a hurry.

There are definitely some reasons for this shift from friendly to not-so-friendly to all out war in just a matter of weeks. For one thing, most people do not realize how trying a divorce can be and how much personal stress will come about. Before the process begins, they might feel okay about how assets are split or how debts are divided. But as the things progress, as reality sets in that the outcome of the divorce is permanent, there can be a change of tune.

Many times we see this change of attitude when it comes to money. Those going through a divorce do not realize how much every issue that comes up typically points back to money. Money can trigger emotions that may have not been there before. A person may have been more generous in the beginning when the dividing of money was more theoretical. But as soon as it shows up black and white on paper, everything can change.

Even more significant in a divorce than money is the subject of children. Coupled might feel that they are prepared to share their children fairly with each other, but begin to change their tune when they realize they most likely will not see their children every day.

This is why it is so important to have an attorney in your corner from the beginning. Your divorce attorney will be able to remove emotion from the equation and do what is best for you. They constantly have an eye on what’s coming next so there are no surprises.

Avoid getting the short end of the stick when it comes to divorce by having an attorney ready to go to work for you.

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