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What is a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) in Arizona?


Arizona is known for its strict drug laws prohibiting individuals from using, possessing, or distributing any substance considered a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Many states have their own definition of what a CDS is, but the state of Arizona considers any substance that emits toxic vapors, or any chemicals used in the production of a CDS, illegal. Unless someone has a special permit or prescription to use or possess compounds that may produce hallucinations or brain-altering effects, he or she may be arrested for possession or distribution of controlled substances.

If you have been convicted or arrested for being in possession of or distributing controlled substances, hiring an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney will give you the best chances at a reduced sentence. Charlie Naegle is committed to helping people who have either made mistakes or been wrongly accused get their lives back on track. He has built a great reputation with clients and judges alike over his years of experience in Phoenix area courtrooms.

Controlled Dangerous Substances are classified in different ways. Some convictions are more severe than others depending on the substance, and if the accused person intended to sell the drugs or possessed them for personal use.

The types of substances that fall under this conviction include:
• Any substance that emits toxic vapors
• Marijuana
• Methamphetamine
• Cocaine
• Heroin
• Other Narcotic Drugs
• Prescription Drugs
• Peyote
• Any chemicals used in the production of CDS

If you have been arrested for possession or distribution of CDS, contact Charlie Naegle immediately to get the best criminal defense in the Phoenix area.

Working with Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle

Charlie Naegle works personally with each of his clients. He has had many recent successes, defending those accused of a wide variety of cases. If you’ve been arrested, ask to speak to Phoenix Criminal Defense attorney, Charlie Naegle, before further incriminating yourself. The Naegle Law Firm offers free anytime, anywhere phone consultations so you can get the legal expertise you need when you need it most.

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