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Facing False Accusations


Being arrested for or accused of criminal behavior can be extremely terrifying and life changing. It is even more disturbing and difficult to face when you know you have done nothing wrong. The judicial system of checks and balances in the United States was organized to keep laws fair and mankind just. The belief that all people are “innocent until proven guilty” stands true today, even in the face of convincing evidence against a man or woman. However, many judges, prosecutors, bystanders, and jurors are quick to blame and convict without knowing the full story. If you’ve been falsely accused of committing any kind of crime, you need the help of Mesa criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle.

With years of experience as a Mesa criminal defense attorney, Charlie Naegle is extremely familiar with Arizona courtrooms and Arizona criminal law. He also has an excellent reputation with local and state judiciaries. He knows the importance of obtaining and presenting evidence in your favor to powerfully disprove the false accusations against you. Charlie has had much success as a Mesa criminal defense attorney because he cares about his clients and he works hard to fight for their rights and freedoms. He treats everybody as a person, not as a case number, and will do the same for you. Many Phoenix and Mesa criminal defense attorneys have backgrounds as prosecutors, but Charlie Naegle has always been and always will be a defender of the people.

There’s more to proving innocence than having evidence, however. If you’re facing false accusations, the person who framed or accused you will likely have a strategy to ruin you or a motive to get you behind bars. Things from your past that are unrelated to the incident may surface, giving jurors a reason to distrust you. With Mesa criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle as your defensive representation, you can rest easy knowing that he will work aggressively to leave your reputation untarnished, your charges dropped, and help you leave the whole thing behind.

Hiring Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle

When you hire Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will work directly with Charlie Naegle to get your false accusation case put to rest. Take advantage of our free, anytime, anywhere phone consultation to get your questions about false accusations answered immediately. Call (480) 378-9000 today to get the representation you need to get your life back on track.

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