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Teacher Shows Up Drunk for Class


Summer is over. For most of Arizona’s elementary, junior high school and high school kids, school has officially started. As parents send their kids back to school, they once again put their trust in their children’s schoolteachers and school staff. That usually means that, for people involved in the education world, it’s time to leave the worry-free habits of summer behind and get back to work.

But apparently, one teacher in the Florence School District didn’t seem to get the memo. Last Wednesday, she showed up to teach her math class and began showing signs of being intoxicated. The students became concerned and alerted other members of the schools staff. Once the staff became aware of the situation, they decided to contact local law enforcement.

As the Pinal County Sheriffs office began to investigate the situation, they decided to have the teacher perform a breathalyzer test, which showed a BAC of .205. Further questioning of the teacher revealed that she had been drinking since the night before and had even taken a cab to work that morning because she was worried that she was too drunk to drive. She had also been drinking on her lunch break that day. Officers were also able to find a half empty bottle of vodka in the teacher’s purse.

The teacher was cited for public intoxication and is facing possible disorderly conduct charges. She was released at the scene to her daughter. As it turns out, this isn’t this teacher’s first issue with teaching while intoxicated. She’s faced similar allegations in New Mexico a few years earlier.

When a situation like this comes up, we understand that most people just want to move on with their lives and get things back on track. There’s no sense in allowing legal issues to hang over your head, distracting you from work and your life. Let an expert in the law assist you in overcoming these charges so you can move forward. Charlie Naegle has helped hundreds of people in the past who are facing disorderly conduct charges. He focuses on properly investigating the situation, putting together a strong defense, and then working with judges, courts, and prosecutors to get the best possible outcome.

If you or someone you know is facing disorderly conduct or public intoxication charges, give Charlie Naegle a call today. Let him help you get back on track.

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