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Not-Guilty Plea From Suspect in Bullhead City


A 26-year old man was arrested at the beginning of September in Bullhead City for shoplifting at a local Walmart. At the time of his arrest, police discovered that the man was wearing a pair of shoes that had similar prints of those found near a shallow grave of an 8-year old girl just the day before.

When the girl first went missing, the man was immediately considered a suspect based on witness reports and his relationship to the girl’s family. During interviews with the suspect after his arrest, he admitted to having smoked methamphetamine the day before the girl disappeared.

Armed with this evidence, prosecutors filed charges of first-degree murder against the suspect. He has since plead not guilty to the charges.

The suspect’s attorneys are fighting to have the trial moved out of the state in hopes of finding a fair jury. Depending on whether the prosecution decides to press for the death penalty, the trial start could be pushed out for over a year.

Kidnapping and murder are serious crimes and include extremely harsh sentences. As with any felony charge, it’s crucial that the accused has an attorney at their side immediately to guide and advise as decisions are made. Experienced criminal law attorneys will conduct their own investigations to find holes and mistakes in the official investigation. They will also be able to work through plea-bargaining offers made by the prosecution.

No matter how serious the charge is, if you find yourself facing trouble with the law, it’s best to call a criminal law attorney like Charlie Naegle as soon as possible. Charlie will work hard to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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