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Man Attacks Bus Driver - Turned in by His Brother


On September 8th as a Valley Metro bus made one of its final stops near Main Street and Sycamore Road in Mesa, a passenger made his way to the front of the bus to exit and unload his bike from the front of the bus. It had been a day of heavy rainfall in the Phoenix area and the streets of Mesa were flooded. As the man began to exit the bus, he realized he would be stepping into a huge puddle of water.

He turned back to the bus driver and asked him if he would pull forward a few feet so he wouldn’t have to step into the water. The only problem was, there was water everywhere and the bus driver didn’t feel it was safe to move the bus. The driver told the passenger that he couldn’t move the bus.

According to reports and video surveillance, the passenger became enraged at the bus driver, screaming obscenities and profanity. The bus driver calmly sat in his seat hoping the incident would end soon. But the passenger wasn’t finished with the driver. After several minutes of yelling at him, the passenger then began to strike the bus driver over and over. Reports show that the driver was struck 25 times and sustained a concussion.

Then the passenger quickly exited the bus, grabbed his bike and took off. Police and paramedics were called to the scene quickly, but the attacker was gone.

Just a few weeks later, police received a tip after sharing the horrifying video of the attack with the public. An informer called in to tell the police who the suspect was and where he could be found. As it turns out, the informer was the attacker’s own brother. He had seen the video surveillance and recognized the suspect immediately.

The suspect was charged with aggravated assault and taken to jail.

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