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21-Year-Old Man Caught Selling Ecstasy


One of four young men involved in an ecstasy drug ring was recently convicted and sentenced to five months in prison and 2 years of probation by a judge in Maricopa County Superior Court. According to police records the 21-year-old man was selling ecstasy and operating out of his parents’ home in Avondale. The report goes on to say that the ecstasy pills were first made by another member of the ring at a house near the Tempe campus of ASU.

Once the pills were made, they were then sent to a post office box in Avondale where the 21 year old man would pick them up and then sell them for $15 a piece. At the time of the suspects’ arrest, police seized more than $100,000 in ecstasy pills.

According to some experts, the sentence handed down by the judge was far less than it could’ve been. This was largely due to the suspect acknowledging and taking responsibility for his crimes. When the judge announced the sentence, she spoke to the young man, telling him that she hopes he’ll be able to move forward and put this incident behind him.

Drug crimes continue to be a growing concern in Arizona and across the United States. From possession to distribution and manufacturing, prosecutors push for harsh sentences to send strong statements. Over the years, an estimated 1.5 million people have been charged with drug possession. Both federal and state laws offer zero-tolerance towards drug offenders.

Illegal drugs aren’t always marijuana and cocaine. Prescription drugs and pills such as ecstasy are considered just as dangerous if not more so these days.

Facing drug charges is not a simple or easy task in Arizona. It’s extremely important that you have the right kind of criminal defense attorney on your side when it comes time to face prosecutors and judges. An experienced attorney is able to use their knowledge of the system to see charges dropped or lessened.

For more information about drug crimes and penalties, click here. Remember that Charlie Naegle is ready to go to work for you when you face any type of drug charge. Just like the young man in this story, the goal for the Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys is to help you get back on track towards the life you want and deserve.

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