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Armed Robbery and Shooting Near Phoenix Strip Club


Three men were recently arrested following a shootout outside a restaurant in Phoenix. The incident stemmed from an armed robbery that took place at a nearby strip club where the men allegedly stole proceeds from the business.

During the subsequent shootout after the holdup, both a Phoenix police officer and a volunteer sheriff’s posse member were wounded. The three suspects were taken into custody without injuries.

All three men have entered pleas of not guilty to charges of armed robbery and other related charges.

Armed robbery is the taking of property from another by threat or force with the aid of a dangerous weapon or instrument. There are many items that can be classified as a weapon or dangerous instrument. In Arizona, prosecutors will work hard to show the involvement of a deadly weapon to bolster their case. It is, therefore, extremely important to consult with a competent criminal defense attorney who will fight these serious charges against you.

Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys will spend time with you to help prepare a strong defense. Being charged with a complex crime like robbery or armed robbery can be a very stressful and difficult situation. We’re committed to conducting a thorough investigation of your case and any evidence that the prosecutor plans to use against you.

If you have been charged with robbery or are still under investigation, contact us today for the help you deserve. A local Phoenix AZ attorney experienced in robbery and armed robbery cases can help to make sure your rights are fully protected throughout the entire proceeding. The Naegle Law firm is dedicated to defending all individuals or juveniles facing these serious charges. Do not attempt to face the judge on your own.

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