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AZ Second Degree Murder


AZ Ian MacDonald Pleads Not Guilty After Being Accused With Second Degree Murder.

Ian MacDonald, who is accused of fatally stabbing a Scottsdale bouncer, was released Friday from jail on $75,000 cash bail. The 26-year-old pleaded not guilty for second degree murder on Monday to a count of second-degree murder in the death of Tyrice Thompson, a former Arizona State University football player. MacDonald in an exclusive interview with 12 News on Friday said he was scared and had anxiety over the ordeal. “My entire reputation is destroyed,” he said. “I’ve seen two to three articles not portraying me in a good light. I don’t deserve to be portrayed that way. People jump to conclusions and it is just unfair. ”He also said his heart goes out to Thompson’s family and offered his condolences. Thompson was stabbed Jan.27 during a scuffle outside the Martini Ranch nightclub in Scottsdale and died a week later.

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