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"Knowledge and Intent" is a Key Component to Any Criminal Defense Case


One of the first things any prosecutor will do when taking on a case is try to prove that a criminal defendant knowingly and intentionally committed the crime in question. Without such proof, prosecutors have a hard time proving to a judge and jury that the defendant is indeed the one responsible for the crime.

Last week, a Tucson woman found herself in need of a good Arizona criminal defense attorney after being arrested and charged with the theft of a Pinal County maintenance truck.

Here’s the story as reported by the Tucson Citizen:

Pinal County officers were on alert for a truck that was reported stolen from Casa Grande. That night, a deputy saw a white van that matched the description of the missing maintenance vehicle. It appeared as though several decals on the truck had been painted over.

The truck began to swerve and the deputy turned on his lights and sirens and attempted to pull the vehicle over. Instead of stopping, the driver of the truck increased in speed for another 100 yards before coming to a stop. However, as the deputy approached the vehicle, the driver once again drove off abruptly. Although seeing two females and one male inside the truck, it is unclear at this point which individual was driving. The truck once again stopped and the occupants exited the vehicle.

The deputy ran after and chased down the 29-year-old Tucson woman. When he approached her, she admitted that she ran from him because she knew that there was a warrant out for her arrest but claimed to have no knowledge that the vehicle was stolen. The officer searched the woman and found a small amount of marijuana on her person.

As stated earlier in this post, knowledge or intent is a crucial element in most criminal offenses. The fact that the woman did not know the vehicle was stolen could be an important factor in her defense.

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Source: Tucson Citizen, “Woman arrested in theft of Pinal County truck”

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