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First-Time Drug Related DUI - Arizona DUI Laws


Drinking alcohol and driving is not the only way to put yourself at risk of getting a DUI. According to Arizona DUI Laws, you can also be charged with DUI if you are driving under the influence of certain drugs. In fact, Arizona law doesn’t specify a certain blood level or impairment level to charge somebody. If you have drugs or drug metabolites in your system, you can be charged with DUI.

First-Time Drug-Related DUI can result in punishment up to or including:

  • One or more days in jail
  • Fines and fees of $2000 or more
  • Revocation of Drivers License
  • Required use of an Interlock driving device
  • Mandatory counseling or rehabilitation programs
  • Probation

If you have been convicted of drug related DUI, it is important to consult a Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

Charlie Naegle is an experience Defense Attorney who understands the possible penalties and risks that come with DUI charges. He can help you understand your options and is committed to protecting your rights.

Contact Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys at 480-245-5550 and schedule a free confidential consultation.

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