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Extreme DUI - AZ DUI


An Extreme DUI in AZ is an increased charged based upon your Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC. The standard DUI BAC limit is .08 and the charge is raised to “extreme” if the BAC is .15% or above. Penalties for an Extreme DUI in AZ can include drivers license suspension, expensive fines, incarceration, required use of an Interlock device, and substance abuse treatment or rehabilitation.

Finding an experienced and aggressive AZ DUI Attorney can make all the difference in your case and in possible penalties you face. Charlie Naegle is a highly qualified and experienced DUI Attorney. He knows the best defense strategies and has even been able to get charges reduced or dismissed in past cases.

If you have been charged with Extreme DUI in Arizona, contact The Naegle Law Firm today. 480-245-5550

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