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What happens if you are pulled over for DUI?

Most people suspected of driving under the influence are given Field Sobriety Tests under the authority given to police officers under Arizona law. Field Sobriety Tests can include any one or combination of the following: roadside breath analysis, horizontal gaze nystagmus, and/or motor skills test. If an officer has probably cause for DUI arrest, they will then demand that the driver undergo a breath, blood or urine test to determine the driver’s BAC. Unless refused, the officer will proceed under implied consent to further testing. If the driver refuses testing, their driver’s license will be revoked and additional consequences will be put in place.

If you have been suspected of DUI, contact Charlie Naegle at 480-245-5550. Charlie is an experience DUI Defense Attorney and can give you the advice and protection you need when faced with the serious and long-term consequences associated with DUI.

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