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Solicitation in Arizona


Literally, solicitation means “urgently asking”. In criminal law, solicitation most commonly refers to either the act of offering goods or services, or the act of attempting to purchase such goods or services. Legal status may be specific to the time and/or place where solicitation occurs.

Under Arizona law, prostitution is defined as “engaging in or agreeing or offering to engage in sexual conduct with another person under a fee arrangement with that person or any other person.” With current changes in the law, charges for prostitution carry with them mandatory minimum jail sentences including:

• First Offense: 15 days in jail

• Second Offense: 30 days in jail

• Third Offense: 60 days in jail

• Fourth Offense: 180 days in jail

If you face a prostitution charge, you will need to hire an experienced Mesa prostitution attorney such asCharlie Naegle to help you plead your case. Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys will challenge the validity of your arrest, search warrant, search, seizure, interrogation, and other police procedures. After all, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the state’s burden to prove your guilt, and not your burden to prove your innocence.

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