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Sword Hidden in Bike - Possession of a Deadly Weapon in AZ?


A 37-year-old man from Magna, Utah has been charged after authorities say he was smuggling a samurai sword inside his bicycle while riding through town. A criminal complaint was filed and the man was arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person (man has a criminal conviction and is banned from possessing a weapons). If you find yourself charged with the possession of a deadly weapon in AZ, it might be time to hire a good Arizona weapons attorney. Here’s why…

Weapons charges shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are very serious charges, and even a possession of a concealed weapon conviction may result in mandatory jail time. Furthermore, the Arizona law is clear; a dangerous weapon isn’t always a firearm. The law states that anything that can be used in a manner to cause serious injury or death is a weapon including a crow bar, a fist, or, in this case, a samurai sword. And like this guy, being in possession of a weapon while your right to possess one has been restricted (usually due to a felony conviction) can also result in a charge of misconduct involving weapons. In Arizona this is a Class 4 Felony. Serious, life changing charges.

It sounds like this guy needs a criminal defense attorney in his corner and you might as well if you have recently been charged with a crime involving a weapon. Visit our website for more information on weapons crimes and for a free consult regarding any criminal charge, call 480-245-5550 or fill out the consultation request form below.

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