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Qualities of a Good Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer


When you’re involved in criminal defense case, you want a good Arizona criminal defense lawyer on your side. So what are the qualities to look for when choosing the best attorney to handle your Arizona criminal defense case?

Agood criminal defense lawyer who handles many types of criminal cases should be well-versed with all criminal defense laws and should know how to comprehend the case’s intricacies. Ask questions of any attorney you meet with to make sure they understand the details of your case. They should also be able to give you various options and defense strategies without hesitation.

How will you know if the Arizona criminal defense lawyer you are looking at is among the best in the legal field? Look online at what his peers and clients have to say about the lawyer. You can also try asking people you know or work with if they have any recommendations. Arrange for a free consultation so you can get a feel for his or her approach to criminal defense. You also want to make sure that your personalities work well together. In every criminal case, the accused should confide everything to the lawyer so the Arizona criminal defense attorney can then make the necessary defense plans.

Here are some other qualities to look for when searching for a good and competent criminal defense lawyer:

  • Knows the various criminal laws and has previous experience defending these types of cases.
  • Passionate about protecting his client’s rights to promote justice.
  • Intimidating, confident, and bold during court proceedings.
  • Should have effective convincing powers and be able to appeal to a jury’s emotions.
  • Has won cases similar to yours.
  • Can stand up in front of the judge with confidence and is not intimidated easily by the prosecution.
  • Understand police work and is able to find out facts of the case.
  • Honest and fair.

Finding a competent and good defense lawyer should be your priority when you are facing criminal charges, even if you are only looking for a consultation.

Do you need someone to defend you and your rights? Call Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys for you free consultation with Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle. Learn more about Charlie here and look into his recent successes. Call 480-245-5550 or use the consultation request form below to schedule your free Arizona criminal defense consultation.

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