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At Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are always keeping up to speed with the ever-changing laws in Arizona State. One of the most common criminal violations is also one of the least understood: battery. By refining our skills and educating our clients from beginning to end in their cases, we hope to increase their chances of securing a beneficial outcome, whether that be a case dismissal, a not guilty verdict, or a lessening of the sentences.

By definition in Arizona State law, battery occurs when:

  • You intentionally touch another person.
  • Your intentional touching harms or upsets them.
  • The other person did not agree to or resisted the contact.

Oftentimes, battery is mistaken for assault, which is usually the intent to harm someone. In other circumstances, battery and assault may be considered one and the same in Arizona State law, rendering a combined ‘assault and battery’ charge.

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Why We Should Be Your First Choice of Legal Defense

The consequences of a conviction can sometimes reach beyond the penalties that are on paper. You may be hit with a high fine and jail time if convicted of battery, but your troubles are not likely to end there. You may have your occupational opportunities shortened, or you could lose the right to have custody of your children. The repercussions may be quite severe, and so your legal counsel needs to be even stronger and even more tenacious.

When you work with Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney Charlie Naegle, you will work with someone who has:

In summation, your future is far too important to leave up to chance after being arrested for battery. Relying on a court-appointed public defender could be akin to gambling if they are overworked or disconnected or disinterested in your case. To really take a hold of the reins and fight for your wellbeing, you need a dedicated professional from our team in your corner.

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