AZ Indecent Exposure Laws

Mesa Sex Crime Lawyer

Arizona legislation defines indecent exposure as the intentional exposure of one’s private parts in public. While this crime’s definition may seem straightforward, the prosecution actually has more work than it seems at first glance. If you have been charged with indecent exposure and now need to protect yourself from the heavy hand of the law, allow our Mesa sex crimes lawyers from Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys to represent you. We have years of combined experience in and out of court, giving us the ability to see through the state’s case and exploit its weaknesses on your behalf.

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Possible Defenses to Indecent Exposure Charges

The prosecutor will be tasked with proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, to the judge or jury that you did in fact commit indecent exposure. With our Mesa criminal defense lawyers on your side, you will know that real fighters are standing before you.

Three aspects of your charges we can fight the prosecution on are:

Private body parts: Many indecent exposure cases are based on nothing more than accusations and alleged witness testimonies. Without photographic or video evidence of your alleged crime, how can the prosecution, and even the witnesses, be sure you exposed yourself at all? If they alleged the crime took place at night, the odds of them knowing what they saw are even lower.

Willingness: Indecent exposure charges hinge on your intentional and willful exposure of private parts or genitals. If you did not mean to expose yourself, or did not know that anyone was around to see you, you have not committed indecent exposure. If anything can be charged at all, it should be a reduced public lewdness charge.

Public: Were you within your home, unaware that your blinds were open, when you were arrested for indecent exposure? Proving that you were in a public place can be difficult for the prosecution, as even a public bathroom is arguably private.

High Penalties Require Fast Defense

Depending on who is accusing you of indecent exposure, you could be charged with a high level misdemeanor or a felony. Either one can penalize you with thousands in fines and state fees and months or a year spent in jail. Most sex crimes in Arizona will also include mandatory sex offender registration upon conviction, a penalty that will follow you for the rest of your life. Get your free initial consultation with our Mesa criminal defense attorneys today to learn how you can start protecting yourself and your reputation from an indecent exposure accusation.