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Theft occurs when a person, without lawful authority, controls the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the other person of such property. It can also occur when a person converts services without authorization or when a person knowingly takes control, title, use or management of an incapacitated or vulnerable adult’s assets or property through intimidation or deception. Theft can either be classified as a simple misdemeanor or all the way up to a class two felony.

Depending on the value of the theft, the consequences vary quite significantly. For some cases, probation is available. On the other hand, the sentence can be for up to 35 years of incarceration.

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Juvenile Theft Defense Attorney

If your minor-age son or daughter has been charged with theft or if he or she is under investigation for another common juvenile offense such as vandalism, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney and start an aggressive defense. Charlie Naegle has experience with juvenile cases and we will be at your side throughout the entire process, aiding to protect a promising future.

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