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Possessing, distributing, or selling a legal prescription drug can be seen as a serious criminal offense under the right circumstances. If you were surprised to find that you were placed in handcuffs due to prescription drug charges, now is the time to reach out to our Mesa drug crime lawyers for assistance. At Naegle & Crider, we offer free case evaluations to all prospective clients. Get in contact with us now to begin.

Defining Prescription Drug Charges

Any sort of interaction with a prescription drug can be deemed illegal if the person charged does not have the prescription corresponding to said medication. In most cases, prescription drug charges revolve around a person who was in possession of a drug for innocuous purposes but could not produce the prescription when detained by law enforcement. Despite the nonviolent nature of drug crimes, and the prevailing sense that many arrests are misunderstandings, the consequences upon conviction are high.

A person convicted of a prescription drug crime may face numerous penalties, such as:

  • Up to a year in prison
  • Several hundred or thousand dollars in fines
  • Hours of community service
  • Mandatory drug rehabilitation

The aforementioned penalties are representative of a misdemeanor conviction. The quantity of prescription drugs found, and the types of drugs found, can escalate the charges to a higher level misdemeanor or a felony, which carry worse penalties.

Our Experience is Your Success

Our Mesa criminal defense attorneys have recently handled and won a case involving prescription drug charges. Our client was accused of possessing prescription medication without a prescription. He explained to the police that the pills belonged to his ailing mother, for whom he was the only caretaker. They did not listen to his statement and brought the charges against him. Through our legal knowledge and steadfast persistence, we were able to have the case entirely dismissed.

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