Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute

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When law enforcement officials escalate your drug possession charges to drug possession with intent to distribute, you need to be aware that the stakes are also raised in the process. You could be convicted of a federal offense and be sentenced to a year or more in state prison and thousands of dollars in fines. To defend your rights and give yourself a fighting chance against the criminal justice system that may have already assumed you are guilty of all charges, you need to find a criminal defense team you can rely on.

At Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, we know your rights as someone accused of a crime are not lessened due to heightened charges. When the pressure is on, we are eager to rise to the challenge and protect our clients through thick and thin.

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Your Alleged Drug Crime May Catch Federal Attention

In order for possession to become possession with intent to distribute, there must usually be large quantities of an illegal drug or controlled substance present at the time of your arrest. When this is the case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) may get involved with the investigation. They will want to determine how far your “distribution” means actually reach, and who else may be tied to the allegations. With so much force coming your way, you cannot afford to not have a strong and reliable Phoenix criminal defense lawyer in front of you.

Make Them Struggle for a Conviction

The truth of the matter is that drug possession with intent to distribute accusations are merely that and nothing more. You could theoretically have six pounds of marijuana in your car and still intent to use it all for yourself. In order to seal a conviction in their case, the prosecution has to definitively show that you did intent to give or sell the illicit substances to another party. This is where many prosecutors flounder, especially when a confident and highly-experienced defense attorney stands in their way. With our knowledge of the law and litigation, we can challenge every word that the opposition uses to try to put you behind bars.

Providing Arizona State Residents the Defense They Deserve

If it were up to the criminal justice system, absolutely everyone who is arrested for a crime, no matter how minimal, would be convicted. To keep the system in check and make certain it remains fair and unbiased, it is the job of Mesa criminal defense lawyers like us to step up and defend our clients with tenacity. No one should be convicted when innocent or sentenced harshly when reduced penalties should have been negotiated.

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